How Can I Rock His World in Bed? 5 of the Hottest Sex Tips to Make Your Man Erupt With Pleasure Now!

Even though it may sound like it is relatively easy to give a man pleasure in the bedroom, how do you truly know that you are doing a good job? Women can’t always rely on whether or not he ejaculates as he orgasms as an indication for pleasure, because sometimes, the male orgasm can play tricks on us. Sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem and that is something that women need to know.

Therefore, what can women do to ensure that they are doing everything possible to please their man in the bedroom? Since sex is such a vital and important part of a relationship, it is what separates from friends and lovers, it is something that we need to ensure we are doing everything in our power to make better and to last longer. So, you want to make sure that you are satisfying his every craving and desire. How do you know you are doing just that?

Sometimes it’s hard for us to be vocal about what we want when it comes to sexual satisfaction. We worry that we are going to offend our partner or say something that they might not want to hear. As a result, we end up continuing to get mediocre pleasure because they don’t know any better. This could be what is happening in your situation and you wouldn’t even know it.

To make sure that you are rocking his world in bed, you need to master these 5 super hot sex tips to make your man absolutely erupt with pleasure tonight. Then, you will know for certain that you are giving him what he wants in bed and that you might even be the first woman to do that for him.

#1 – Give him a show. Men go to the strippers for a reason – they like to look at nude women. That’s a no brainer. So why not bring the show to him? If the idea of some nude woman gyrating all over your man is not sitting well with you, then role play it and become the only exotic dancer in his eyes. Men are very visual, so by giving him a show, you will trigger something inside of him and he will be dying to have you. Up the ante and take it further by tying his hands down to a chair. The whole “you can look but you can’t touch” angle will drive him wild and when you do let him go, you will have to watch out because he will be going crazy for you.

#2 – Stimulate him before sex. You don’t always have to just rely on sex as a means to an end for your man, when there are so many incredibly sexy things that you can be doing for him. The arts of hand stimulation and oral stimulation can really go very far in the bedroom and don’t always have to be reserved for special occasions. If you can get him riled and revved up before you even make penetration together, you will be well on your way to ensuring he is getting the satisfaction he craves.

#3 – Let it go. All men will agree – there is nothing sexier in the bedroom than a woman who is able to let go and be confident with who she is. If you are going to wear one thing when you are intimate with him, make sure it is your confidence. That is what is the sexiest quality to him. The more you are able to truly let go and get lost in the moment with him, the better and harder you will rock his world. If turning the lights down low or putting on some music does that for you, go with it. Just make sure that you are comfortable because that is key.

#4 – Change it up. As harsh as it might be to say, men need constant stimulation or they might start thinking about something else or get lost in a train of thoughts completely unrelated to sex. Therefore, if you really want to make him erupt with pleasure, you have to change it up. Try making love in one position and then out of nowhere, beg for him to do something else to you. You want to keep him on his toes and you want him to be excited for what might happen next. This is what keeps him involved and interested. This is what you need to have happen.

#5 – Have fun. This is the biggest tip of all. If you aren’t enjoying yourself and having fun, then he definitely won’t be either. Energy is so huge when you are having sex and pleasing each other, so by being an enthusiastic lover, you will show him that you are having fun and in turn, so will he. Men are often always enjoying themselves sexually but they feel bad when that energy isn’t reciprocated. Show him that you are having fun and be yourself with it, because that is when you are at your sexiest.

The next time you want to rock your man’s world in the bedroom tonight, make sure that you are implementing some of these tips because they will surely set your love life on fire in a whole new way and solidify you as being the best he’s ever had.

Source by Michelle Jacobs

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