How Bad Boys Attract So Many Beautiful Women

Have you ever wondered why this girl you have a crush on goes out with a selfish and abusive jerk? You would treat her so much better of course but still…she completely ignores you. Why?

This mystery bugs the hell out of almost every guy out there. Most men just can’t figure out what it is that makes women fall for the wrong guys…the bad boys!

So the question is: Why are so many beautiful women attracted to arrogant, abusive and selfish jerks?

It took me many years until I figured this out but now I’ll let you in on this secret.

If you want an answer to why and how bad boys attract so many beautiful women, you have to look through the looking-glass the other way and ask yourself…

Why are those women NOT dating the nice guys who treat them like real princesses?

Obviously, they are dating the arrogant jerks and bad boys … and NOT the guys who are nice to her, pay her lots of compliments, bring flowers and want to take them out on a dinner date.

The first thing you have to realize now is that ‘being BAD’ gets you 10 times more women than ‘being GOOD’. Look around you and have a look at some couples where the woman is really beautiful and attractive.

Her man definitely isn’t the nicey-nice type of guy.

So how do these bad boys do it? What makes them so attractive and sexy to women?

It’s because women want to be with guys who are a challenge and not easy to get. Bad boys and jerks don’t give a damn if a woman likes them or not, whereas the nicey-nice guy is needy, clingy and desperately wants to take her out on a date.

Bad boys are wild, brake rules and do what they want. Women get automatically attracted to such behavior because it is exciting and unpredictable.

Nice guys ALWAYS do the expected and predictable, therefore making themselves boring in the eyes of any woman.

Bad boys are always superior when it comes to attracting and dating the most beautiful women out there. Have a look at some of the female celebrities out there. They can literally choose any guy they want…and who do they end up with?

It’s either an alcoholic rock star, bad boy actor or abusive jerk with tattoos all over his body.

But what attracts women to these guys isn’t their abusive attitude, their arrogant behavior and wife beating tendencies…hell no.

You see, if you were a woman and you had to choose between a nice guy who has nothing else to offer than the classic dates such as going to a restaurant where he pays for everything or a movie where he brings chocolate and flowers … then the woman wants THE OTHER guy there is.

And that, sadly enough, is the bad boys on the block.

You hear so many people say that those kind of guys are the ‘wrong men’ but what else is there?

As a woman, you always choose the man who is wild, rebellious and in love with himself over the nice-nice wimpy guy who would do anything for you.

Think about what class you fall into.

Source by N. Shane

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