How an Evac Chair Can Save Lives in an Emergency

Ever since their inception, evac chairs have been saving and safeguarding lives across the country. There remains no more effective alternative, and as it’s the building’s operators’ responsibility to ensure everyone is evacuated safely from the onset of an emergency (not the fire service’s), they’re becoming increasingly popular. If you’re responsible for the wellbeing of employees with impaired mobility, it may well be time to look at the chairs available from a specialist. Experts have provided and continue to supply evacuation chairs and access products (including servicing and training) to businesses from a wide range of industries.

The true value of evacuation chairs becomes strikingly apparent when compared with alternative methods of evacuation. Many businesses claim to have designated refuge areas, selected on the basis of structural specifications within the building. They propose to use these areas as locations in which a disabled employee and a colleague can wait until the emergency services arrive to escort them out safely.

Not only is this method dangerous for both people involved, it’s also not recommended by the emergency services. Smoke inhalation in the event of some fires can kill within three minutes; showing that waiting an emergency out is simply not a viable option.

Other methods might include using a specially designed fire fighting lift or similar specialist equipment. Unfortunately, in order to use this safely the operator must be properly trained and is required to liaise with the fire service fully regarding its use.

Finally, some companies consider manually lifting employees with a disability in the event of a fire or similar emergency. Besides the obvious issues surrounding the dignity and well being of those being evacuated, this method is in contravention of health and safety regulations and puts the person doing the lifting at risk.

In many cases, relying on this method of evacuation could leave your company open to a lawsuit, should an emergency occur for which you’re inadequately prepared. It’s unfair to ask staff to do this too.

Overall, it’s clear that evac chairs represent the safest, easiest and most dignified solution to the safety of those less able to evacuate a building. The chairs can help both operator and occupant traverse stairs and steps quickly, therefore exiting the building safely and in a manner befitting any companies’ level of professionalism. Those companies wishing to make sure they’re taking their responsibility seriously should contact a chair provider directly.

Source by Michael James Younger

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