Hijacked Chicago BB Card Show Promoter

What do you do when your life takes a detour and you do not know where to begin anymore? Do you command the driver’s seat and learn how to take over? Or, do you take the backseat and just go with the flow? One man has the answer-and he learned it in quite the hard way.

“Hijacked Chicago BB Card Show Promoter” gives the perfect mix of suspense and excitement manifested through the story’s witty plots and steering climax. Each chapter exposes vivid descriptions supported by Pineapple Sam’s encapsulating narration. The title may give you a hint of what to expect but as you progress on each page, you know that something more still awaits.

Pineapple Sam’s unexpected adventure started in a posh hotel in Chicago where he was greeted by random guests having casual conversations at the lobby near the Grand Ballroom. The little commotion which welcomed Sam’s arrival turned out to be because of an on-going baseball card show held in the city. It was 1984 and the generation was busy with MTV, Kenny Rogers, Ghost Busters, The Karate Kid, and the first ever Apple Macintosh. Like everyone else at the time, Sam simply wanted to fulfill his business trip while having a bit of fun on the side. Sam found himself in the middle of baseball collectors, spectators and a Sports Collectible Mogul Mr. I.T. Mas. It was the first time that he had ever seen the great man although he had heard of him in quite a few times before. So, he gave it a shot, turned to watch, and let himself enjoy the show for some time. He did this while waiting to accomplish his business which placed him on that trip. He also had dinner at one of Chicago’s most posh restaurants – Ditka’s. Everything went smooth sailing until Pineapple Sam’s life turned upside down. Mishaps were all over the place and he was caught up in a web of conflicts. What started out as a casual dinner reservation at the popular restaurant Ditka’s turned out to be a disaster. From simply watching a baseball convention to climbing into a limo, Pineapple Sam found himself fighting for his very own life.

This book contains five chapters and each of these simply gets better and better as you turn the pages. The character’s narration seems like an action-adventure flick taken all the way from the widescreen. Add to this is the fact that all the characters in the story are well-established. Each character is bound to make a mark in your head. Needless to say, this book is a good companion amidst your busy days. It is bound to remind you of that one moment in your existence where you had no choice but to take a risk and plunge into a wild ride called life.

Source by Ismael Tabalno

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