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A definitive history of the free dating website has not been written, but it’s obvious from looking around the internet that this type of web site is quite popular with the singles that use it. The first dating web sites were the more than likely a labor of love from someone who saw the opportunity of getting people together in chat rooms online and the concept expanded from that starting point. The free site tends to be more nonjudgmental than other places around the internet and perhaps that is what makes it so successful.


The concept of using the internet to meet and greet people in a social situation hasn’t been around for long. Free dating website may be somewhat different than other social meeting venues, in that it was set up with the idea that you can meet someone on the internet and decide to meet them in person as well. This concept was espoused in spite of all the cautionary notes about the danger of online or long distance relationships. In fact, more and more long term relationships are finding their beginnings in an internet connection. This may prove to be a significant change in the way people come together.

Free vs paid

The development of a free dating website was possible as soon as advertisers grasped the possibilities of advertising on the web sites for products related to the subject. Search engines reinforced the concept of tying targeted advertising to the subjects of interest to the person browsing the internet. Now that there are many large free web sites, there is no real reason not to take advantage of the free sites to define some dating opportunities for yourself. The databases are large and varied, the sites provide good security and safety for those who post and posting is simple.

The scientific age

A free dating website would not be possible without the advanced technology inherent in personal computers and the internet itself. Beyond that, there are a number of pseudo scientific tests on some of the dating web sites that help you to define your personality type and your best matches for dating or relationships in general. These tests are voluntary, but few people can resist the opportunity to find out something new about themselves. You can take the results of such measurements with a grain of salt, or you can totally ignore them, but they may also help you to better define who you are.

Future plans

A free dating website must stay current with technology in order to remain competitive. The real competitors are probably not the paid sites, but other free web sites. Visitors are looking for more information than just pictures and a brief statement. A web site that lets you know if a prospect has posted on the forum and what he or she had to say is more helpful than a web site that simply displays an age and a picture. As the database list becomes longer and more descriptive, you will be able to sort profiles based on the characteristics that are most important to you.

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