Football fan hailed a hero as he carries 48 beers in one trip and doesn’t spill a drop – World News

FC Twente fanatic Christiaan Roetgering lugged his pals’ refreshments in five well-stacked crates – but says his incredible beer-carrying total was bettered by a friend earlier this season

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Football stand collapses beneath celebrating Vitesse supporters

A Dutch football fan has earned hero status on social media after being snapped carrying nearly 50 beers back to his seat for his pals.

FC Twente supporter Christiaan Roetgering didn’t spill a drop as he hatched a plan to avoid the big queues at the stadium.

He stacked five crate, each packed with around ten pints, and was snapped returning from the bar during their 1-1 draw with rivals Willem II on Sunday.

He says it was simply ‘his round’ – even if it cost a few hundred euro to satisfy his thirsty fellow fans.

But he revealed his friend is due credit – he’s managed to get two more than his 48 back without suffering a costly slip weeks ago.

Christiaan Roetgering shrugged off his hero status saying it was ‘just his round’


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“I always go to the game with a group of friends, and each time one of us has the job of getting the beers in,” Roetgering said.

“This time it was my turn, and I didn’t fancy having to keep going back and forth to the bar. So I decided to get everything in one visit.

“I had to carry the trays through a passageway and up some stairs, but it all went fine. But it’s not a record – my friend Jochen has managed in the past to carry 50 beers in one go.

“I must have had 300 friend requests on Instagram. I was watching the highlights on TV on Sunday, and my phone just exploded.”

The long-standing ban on fans drinking alcohol while watching matches could be lifted


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It could be a glimpse into the future for football fans in the UK.

There are growing calls to allow fans to drink in view of the game – just like they do in many countries across the world.

A pilot scheme has been put forward, something being considered by the National League.

Fans want the rule, which has been in place in 1985, to be relaxed and say they can be trusted to drink on the terraces.

Trouble at the Euro 2020 final proved to many that more alcohol at football is a bad idea



Supporters in other sports such as rugby, cricket and tennis are allowed to enjoy a beer as they watch.

Former sports minister Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review wants changes to be made.

“Our view on alcohol and football is outdated,” Crouch told the Times. “It’s not helped when you see scenes like we did at Wembley. But that’s why I would pilot it first.

“We kettle people into drinking quickly at half-time. And that is the unhealthy aspect of the football fan’s relationship with alcohol. They drink a lot in a short space of time.

“So my recommendation is to pilot this and not have to down a pint at half-time.”

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