Flyer Marketing For Nail Technicians – How to Create Client Pulling Flyers

Flyer marketing can be a very powerful way of attracting new clients to your nail technician business. However, the wrong flyer can only send a fraction of new business that you should be getting. If you want to double the response that you get from your flyer marketing then you must get away from the traditional advertising flyer.

The traditional advertising flyer is simply a flyer with your salon name, phone number, your prices and a list of your services. Perhaps you may have a line that says “Call me today for an appointment”. Traditional advertising does not work for sending you the kind of response you hope for, from your marketing efforts.

Whenever you give out a flyer of send a flyer you want it to act like a salesperson for you, delivering a message to your prospect that you are the best at what you do. It should also give them a compelling reason to come and see you.

For a flyer marketing to be effective you should focus on:

1. Catchy headlines – You want your flyer to reach out and grab your target audience attention. Using your business name is not an effective headline and you should avoid using it as such. A headline like ” How to get longer stronger healthy nails in 7 days” is a catchy headline that will make someone want to know more.

2. Show before and after photos of your work – Giving visual proof shows how good your work is and helps prospects to visualize what they would look like using your service. This is how to dig into their emotions and get them to think about coming to see you.

3. Give testimonials – People like to hear what others think about you and how satisfied they were. So give people what they want and give testimonials.

4. Give a Guarantee– Stand behind your work. Make your services risk free by giving a guarantee. People also like knowing they are not going to lose their hard earned money if they are not satisfied, which make your service even more attractive.

5. Give a call to action – Tell your readers what you want them to do. If you want them to visit your website, entice them to go there by offering a free gift. If you want them to come in to see you, entice them to come in for a free gift. Show urgency by stating your books are filling fast. Your call to action gets them to move quickly.

Take time to create flyers that catch peoples attention and get them to take action. Sometimes it will take testing several different flyers to see which pulls the most clients. Testing is part of marketing and never should be overlooked. You can never know which headline or gift offer works best for pulling in clients unless you test.

Flyer marketing can get you more clients, but you must know how to do it correctly for best results. It can be a powerful way to get your prospects to see that you are the best at what you do and understand why they should come in to see you. An effective flyer will do this for you. It will separate you from the other nail technicians and make you stand out. Use these tips to help you get more clients for your nail technician business.

Source by Candace Harrison

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