Female Head-Shave Fetish – How to Find Local Bald Babes For Dates

If you have a female head-shave fetish, you will want to date local bald women. The problem: there are no bald dating sites. Fortunately, there is a fairy simple way to find bald babes in your neighborhood. No, it does not involve knocking on every door and asking “Is there a hot, bald babe at this residence?” The simple way is to simply put in a search for shaved head women on the right kind of site.

What you need to do is take part in any large dating community. The bigger the community, the better. Popular dating sites employ advanced search software that you can use for free in most cases. You have to do two things to find bald ladies in your neighborhood.

The first thing you need to do is write down in your profile that you want to meet bald women. Why? Well, because the matchmaking search engine of these communities will pick up on your fetish and send you profiles of bald women. This happens automatically, without any effort on your part.

The second thing you must do is head over to the community’s search page and include the keyword bald or shave into your searches for local women. More often than not, this will yield dozens or hundreds of women with shaved heads who live only minutes from your front door.

My last piece of advice is to join bald women groups on any of these dating communities. Many of these communities have big groups for guys with a female head-shave fetish. You can join them for free and use this as your third method of finding bald ladies in your neighborhood.

Source by Davina Anderson

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