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Through the several years in which I was writing my first fantasy eBook I took the time to research the good the bad and the ugly with regards to writing and story development and after Googling through a variety of sources I found quite a few had common threads with regards to the do’s and dont’s of writing. I feel an abridged version here may be of benefit for others looking to follow the same path, and the following are a few notes that I have found useful alongside some simple suggestions to follow.

To me the firstly port of call is detail. For me this is a given the more detail that you can provide to the readers as they read through your work(s) the better. It doesn’t need to come all at once and all in the first chapter but added bits and pieces as they readers go through your book helps to draw them into the world that you have created. In some ways I have been blessed with the fact that the world in which I have set my fantasy eBook is one that I played RPG games in and because of this we were required to develop detail with regards to people, places and history in order to satisfy the players. As such in my writing I felt that it was important and vital to help engross the reader by giving them as much detail as possible so that they could become a part of the world and the people they were reading about. This mirrors one of my other posts with regards to the length of fantasy works titled ‘When Enough is Enough’

The second point is in regards to the characters themselves, they need to be interesting, complementing the story and each other’s role within it. They need to be unique holding interesting character traits and actions that the readers can associate them with. Admittedly one of the greatest challenges that I faced was to ensure that there was enough differentiation amongst the characters, so that when Ballen and Feorn from the Elite Axes interact with each other there is always that sense of antagonistic humour mixed with comradeship.

My next point looks at magic within the story. Now not all worlds are strewn with magical items and artefacts and traditionally not all races have the same affiliation with magic so it’s important to work out in the onset how prevalent magic will be in the world that you are using, does every peasant have a magical plough to till their fields or is it only the elite few people on any nation who hold magical items. With that said determining how magic is viewed in your world is also important and whether that has changed during the history of the world and why that is so, for example the world in which I have developed has gone through a total of three ages the first & third were and are highly magical while in the second age magic was seen by many as heretical, this was due to the shift of power bases amongst the races with Elves and Dwarves holding sway during the first while in the second Man was the dominant race, being younger and for the majority of the age enslaved they were distrustful and skeptical with regards to magic, however during the third age things reverted back to a more even balance and with it once again came a high magic age. So work out how magic is seen in the world and create some interesting items or effects, remember its fantasy so anything goes you just need to make it link.

Lastly have a good look at your plot and try to avoid predictability within your story. Fantasy ebooks comprise a large portion of eBook works so unfortunately some can become repetitious and predictable. As you go through your plot try to work out a few twists and turns and see if you can come up with something different. The concept doesn’t need to necessarily be completely original but you should be looking at a different angle at a minimum. Remember that in the end a reader must feel closure from either the single work or the series.

Source by Andrew Rodgers

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