Face Sculpting Massage | De-puff Eyes & Lift Cheekbones | MUST TRY!

Hey Skin Junkies!
In today’s episode, I wanted to share a few of my favorite self-massage techniques for naturally sculpting, slimming & de-puffing the face & under eyes! I do this lymphatic drainage treatment once a week to rid the skin of any toxins, tension and help with lymph flow. I took a pause from doing botox a little over a year ago and have put a large focus on holistic beauty to help smooth my fine lines and wrinkles. I am also a big fan of using oils in my personal skincare routine often and believe combined with these massage moves has kept my skin & face smooth, defined, and even-toned. I suggest all follow along and try these simple effective moves for a glowing & sculpted complexion! XX Let me know your thoughts below & what you would like to learn next! #skincare
– Fairy skin mother, Jade

Products used:

Osea toner: https://bit.ly/3gVpEoz

Oil: 100% pure organic Seabuckthorn

other oils suggested:
Living libations “Best skin ever”
Dr Joe Lab pure natural cold pressed
Grown Alchemist antioxidant oil
All Evan Healy oils

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