Exactly How Do You Massage Your Breasts?

Exactly How Do You Massage Your Breasts for Best Results?

Depending on the size and sensitivity of your breasts you will choose different massage techniques. Before you begin your routine, it is important to remember not to stretch or put undue pressure on your breasts as this could damage the elasticity of your skin. Making use of creams or essential oils will also help to prevent any friction during massage.

If you are a woman who has sensitive breast skin, then it is important to only perform the massages that are more gentle. For those with less sensitive breasts, you can embark on a more vigorous massage routine, but in the event that you feel any discomfort, you must stop immediately. Breast massage should under all circumstances be pleasurable and relaxing.

The various methods of massage will include rubbing as well as squeezing and gentle kneading. All of these methods will result in an increase of blood flow in the breasts as well as drainage of lymph fluids.

Many women enjoy massaging their breasts after a bath or shower to take advantage of the warmth and moisture in the skin. Warming your hands before massage is also very effective as the additional heat energy can be beneficial to the breast tissue.

To start you off, here are some massage techniques that you can implement immediately.

Massage 1.

The first massage performed by placing your hands under your breasts. Now rubbing your breasts in a circular motion thereby moving your breasts around in your hands first in a motion towards your cleavage and then again in the opposite direction. This massage technique will increase the blood flow to the breasts and is beneficial for the breast tissue. Some women enjoy using essential oils to promote lymph drainage such as tea tree or camomile for relaxation.

Massage 2.

Our second massage is very effective at draining excess lymphatic fluids. Using the fingertips, you will want to place them just on the outer line of the nipple and then make radial outward strokes toward the underarm area. Do not stretch the nipple during this massage and you should always be aware of the sensitive nipple skin during all massages. Where possible refrain from stretching this skin in any direction.

Massage 3.

Finally, placing your palms on the outer lower part of your breasts, you will want to make small circular motions without moving the skin over the breasts. These motions should be upward then towards the cleavage and again down. Once again do not pass your hands over your nipple as this could result in stretching.

It won’t take long before you begin to feel a warm tingling sensation in your breast area. This is the increase in blood flow which both nourishes the tissue and will increase toxin drainage from your breasts. In order to get the most benefit from your massage routine, it is important to perform it every day.

Initially you will notice an improvement only in the texture and tone of the skin, but over time you will also notice firming of the tissue and many people have testified to an increase in breast size too. If your breast massage routine is done in conjunction with breast exercises and herbal supplements, you will notice a much faster increase in size as well as improvement in contours.

Source by Michelle L Smith

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