Enthusiasm Inspired by Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Re-energize With Sanskrit Mantras

Breathe slowly, deeply, and rhythmically throughout , inhaling during a contraction and forcefully inhaling as you let go. Lie down on a comfortable surface, close your eyes, and take a few deep slow breaths. Direct your attention to your right leg. Stretch it away from your body, pointing your foot hard;hold until it begins to tremble slightly. And then let go and allow it to relax completely. Repeat with the left leg. Next, move your attention to your right arm, stretch it, and then let it go limp, as you did your leg. Clench your hand into a tight fist, hold then release.Stretch the fingers out straight hold and then release. Proceed to alternately contract and then relax your buttocks, stomach muscles, back muscles, shoulders, and face. After taking a few deep breaths, repeat the exercise.

Then just lie still doing what is called in yoga, the corpse pose for ten minutes.Allow your mind to feel the vibration of enthusiasm slowly as to not overwhelm yourself with huge joyful waves of the grace within. The muses of enthusiasm will begin to dance in your veins. One does not know what life has to offer with enthusiasm vibrating at your core.

The mantra to do as you perform progressive muscle relaxation is rasa(plasma), rakta (red blood cells), mamsa(muscle), meda (fat), asthi(bone), majjia(nerve) shukra(semen) and artarva (ovum). Repeat, rasa, rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, majjia shukra, artarva – these are the sanskrit word vibrations for the seven tissues of the body. Invoke and infuse all seven tissues of your body with rich and generous replenishing vibrations.

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Source by Dr. Helen Mary Thomas D.C

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