Elkay NXUH312010 – Elkay NXUH312010R Neptune Double Bowl Offset Kitchen Sink Offers Clean Lines

Elkay NXUH312010R Neptune Undermount Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink adds elegance and style to your kitchen. It is resistant to stain as well. And this sink will draw attention to beautiful, modern appliances as well as draw the eye to its striking clean lines and contemporary look and feel.

The Elkay Neptune Undermount Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink proudly displays a machine ground finish and a smooth satin polished. With the use of an under-coating spray, the sink is protected from condensation and the noise of cutlery which makes it a very soothing and fashionable enhancement to your kitchen. Made of the 300 series stainless steel, it has the highest level of quality, beauty, and durability.

Elkay NXUH312010R Technical Specifications

Undermount stainless steel double kitchen sink which measures 31 by 20 by 10 inches
Polished to a soft satin finish through a powerful machine ground process
Complete spray under-coating to reduce noise and prevent any condensation
Unmatched stain resistance and a highly classy appearance
18 gauge 300 series stainless steel

The Elkay Companies’ headquarters is in Oak Brook, Illinois. It has production factories in many areas in the United States and some operating facilities to serve its international markets like China and Mexico.

As we have a rich history, our strength still lies in our modernization of products and care for our customers. This dedication engenders Elkay success.

As a family-owned business, Elkay makes sure that our products are innovative and our customer service is unparalleled. From a simple start in Chicago to our current position in the industry of kitchen products, we still focus on our main objectives as we always have. And these objectives are simply to continue enhancing our products and improving our relationship with our customers.

Elkay Manufacturing Company started with only a rented space of 2100 square feet in the north side of Chicago on January 26, 1920. Leopold Katz and his son Louis, the father and son behind Elkay, endeavored to produce sinks with the highest quality as well as to offer customer service to the highest possible standard. Only within its first year of operation, Elkay already saw a more-than doubling of demand, and increased from its 3 employees to 7. By 1927, the residential butler and pantry sinks were bright stars and near-instant best sellers.

If you want to enhance any kitchen’s look to elegance, then use the stain resistant Elkay Neptune Undermount Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink. Smooth, soft satin polished and machine-ground finish completes this Elkay NXUH312010R. Elkay NXUH312010R uses the 300 stainless steel plus a heavy-duty under-coating spray to minimize noise and avoid condensation.

Source by Nancy Rich

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