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Incredible pictures show the touching moment an elephant makes a desperate attempt to save her calf from drowning.

Photographer Wesley Wolmarans, 33 and from Gauteng, South Africa, managed to capture the frantic moment the calf fell into the river and struggled to keep his head above the deep water.

He said he felt helpless as he watched the mum panic as she made desperate attempts to save her baby.

Wesley described how she managed to alert the herd nearby, who rushed into the river and managed to get the calf out of the water.

Wesley explained: “We had found the small herd and as we watched them approach, we noticed a tiny baby making his way to the other side to take a drink.

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herd of elephants
The herd incredibly leapt into the river to save the baby as soon as they realised what was happening

“The little one was still too young to use his trunk so attempted to drink with his mouth.

“The next moment, the little one fell into the water and it was deep.

baby elephant rescued
The baby elephant was saved in what was described as a moment of ‘pure joy’

“The mum jumped up and started to panic as the little one struggled to keep his head above the water.

“Frantic attempts from the mum to retrieve the little one resulted in a sudden and loud trumpet and within a second, the entire herd was in the water searching for the little one.

“Using their feet and trunks searching and pushing the little one up against the side of the river – he was able to step onto solid ground and the fear could be seen in his eyes.

“The mum kept him away from the water after that.

“I had a pure feeling of helplessness seeing the little one struggling to keep its head above the water.

“But then it was pure joy when the herd managed to get him out safely.”

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