Do I Have A Foot Fetish? Find Out!

You say to yourself, “do I have a foot fetish?” There is a very easy way to find out (and the next paragraphs should answer your question). It is important for you to know that there is nothing wrong with having a fetish for feet. In fact, you are in good company; the most popular sexual fetish is the one for feet!

Understanding Foot Fetishism

A foot fetish is commonly defined as sexual arousal in relation to feet. In some people, it is less pronounced; other people, however, are unable to even get remotely sexually aroused without the inclusion of feet in their sexual activities.

Do I Have A Foot Fetish?

You asked yourself, “do I have a foot fetish?” If you become sexually aroused – in any way – over feet, then you will likely have a fetish for them. There are also different types of sub-fetish, all of which can be classified as having a sexual fetish for feet.

Some foot fetishists are aroused by socks, by shoes or sneakers, by smells of feet, by toes and foot soles, even by peddle-pushing in cars. All of these are related to feet and are clear indications that the interested-people have a proclivity for feet.

The ultimate test for if you have a fetish or feet is this: do you get sexually aroused over feet or something connected to feet?

Am I Weird?

Now that you know how to recognize if you have a foot fetish, you may be wondering if this is unusual, if it makes YOU unusual.

Well, as mentioned, this is the most popular fetish. Do some Google searches yourself. You will see that this is the most common type of sexual hang up. Does it make you weird, then? Of course not. Most adults have one or more fetishes.

Source by Angelina Andrews

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