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Tantric Sex sounds mysterious and something that only eastern mystics might know anything about. In actuality the practice of tantric sex reveals to us the secrets to reclaim our sexual intimacy and rekindle the lost passion. Learning the secrets of tantric sex and new couples making love positions will ensure that you will experience new joys into the erotic, and expand your sexual knowledge.

What is Tantric Sex

Tantra has been practiced in eastern cultures for ages, however it is just recently began to get popular in the western countries. Tantra was a person that was born in India more than 6,000 years ago, he was a rebel against organized religion concerning sex and relationships, and the ideas that sex should be rejected to obtain enlightenment.

Tantra challenged the religious beliefs of that time, stating that sexuality was a good thing and that it opened a doorway to the divine. Tantra also stated that earthly pleasures such as creative expression, dancing and eating were also sacred acts.

The name tantra itself means “to manifest”, where tantric sex is said to expand consciousness and to weave together the male and female aspect into a harmonious whole. Tantric sex teaches us to prolong the making love act and to use the energies of orgasms to manifest our desires.

Akin to yoga, tantric sex positions will take some practice to master, but putting the two words sex and practice together will excite the majority of us. Let’s begin with some couples making love positions and descriptions that you can try at home.

Listed in the Postures of the Great Moon Elixr Tantra, the foot moving posture involves the woman in the process of intercourse to lean back and place the soles of her feet over her partners navel and heart regions of his body. Moving her feet up and down against his body, the couple rocks backwards and forwards with their arms around each other.

The mounted yantra technique is another position from the same section of the Great Moon Elixr, this involves the woman lying on her back with her legs placed on the shoulders of the male. Advancing and retreating, great passion is created from this posture.

The Variegated sex posture is also found in the Great Moon Elixr Section and involves the man kneeling while the woman sits on his knees as he enters her. The woman should draw up her legs and the man places his chest next to her back. The woman should move left, right, up and down while the man rubs her body all over starting with the palm of her hands. This is said to circulate and magnify the joys of release.

Source by Rachel Greer

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