Companion Planting Asparagus and Strawberries (No-till, Ruth Stout)

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After nearly four years of gardening, we’ve finally decided to plant some asparagus and strawberries! But as usual, we’ve also decided to skip the fertilizer, compost, and manure. We also decided to flip the sod, rather than using a tiller.

Spring Prep in our “No-Work” Garden, and an EASIER way to Spread Mulch

Preparing our Hugelkultur Garden for Winter: Chop and Drop

The Ruth Stout Method of Permaculture

337 lbs of Potatoes! NO digging, NO watering, and VERY LITTLE work!

Planting Potatoes in a Ruth Stout Permaculture Garden (QUICK and EASY)

Results from our NO DIG and NO WATER potato experiment (Ruth Stout Method)

Companion Planting Carrots, Radishes and Onions in a Ruth Stout (HAY-ONLY) Garden

Results and Lessons Learned from our Carrot, Onion, and Radish Experiment

Plant Hardiness Zone, Rainfall, and Other Important Information

Winter Ruth Stout Permaculture Update and HAY vs STRAW


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