Companion Lithium 75L Dual Zone Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer

Check out the Companion Lithium 75L Dual Zone Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer here:

Flexible, portable, and with freezing and chilling functionality – the Lithium 75L Dual Zone Rechargeable Fridge/Freezer from Companion will be your new best friend off-road.

This unit operates wirelessly through the rechargeable and removable Lithium battery, with 16-hours of battery life off a single charge, and 4 USB outlets for use a power pack to charge your devices. It features a dual-speed SECOP compressor, the ability to connect to your solar panel, an average power usage of 2.0 amp per hour, dual direction lids, a 3-stage battery monitor and digital LED display control panel.

In this video, our gear guru Ben talks you through all the features of this fridge. He starts with the dimensions and weight, materials, and exterior features, the two different zones and what fits, interior features, and how to use the control panel.

After that, he discusses the Secop compressor, current draw, the integrated battery pack, and how to connect to solar. Ben finishes up with mounting options as well as what accessories are compatible with this unit – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Weight & dimensions
0:39 – Materials
1:57 – Reversible & detachable lids
2:25 – Interior dimensions
2:47 – Removable baskets
3:20 – Fitting a wine/soft drink bottle
3:54 – Control panel
5:51 – Setting each zone temperature
7:07 – Compressor, power & cables
8:00 – Battery pack
10:27 – Anderson solar port
11:10 – Connecting to solar
12:55 – Fridge slide compatibility
13:14 – Optional cover


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