Companion Care

Companion care refers to the care that is given to an elderly or disabled person when they are unable to provide for themselves. Companion care indicates that the person who is hired not only provides basic assistance with daily living activities and medical issues, but also provides a social outlet for the person they visit.

For people who have parents or other elderly family members living at a distance, their loved one’s ability to get out and socialize may be questionable. No one likes to think of their family member living alone and being lonely and unhappy. No one likes the idea that their family member is becoming increasingly isolated.

This can bridge the gap between your family member and the rest of the world. The care provider can engage your loved one in conversation, help them get library books or movies to give them interesting and stimulating activities, or if the situation calls for it, can read them books.

Additionally, care providers also provide care. This means, in most cases, non-specialized care. In other words, the companion can provide basic assistance with bathing, dressing, feeding and cleaning, but generally does not provide assistance with complex medical needs.

However, there are some with the training required to do more complex medical jobs. If this is a concern for you, it is one that is best addressed with the local companion care agencies you are considering.

Make sure you are able to afford this before you jump into it. For many people, some form of companion care is covered by Medicare or insurance. However, that is not true for all people, and some people do not get as much coverage from Medicare as they would like.

By discussing your needs and your budget with the companion care agency you can determine what level of care is appropriate for your family member as well as how much care you are allowed by Medicare and you can discuss the difference, if any, with the agency to see how best to bridge the gap.

This is a way to ensure that your elderly or disabled family member gets the best care available to them as they age. Aging is an inevitable process that gradually strips us of the ability to provide the care for ourselves we need. Engaging a companion care agency can give your loved one the ability to stay in their home for as long as possible, and avoid having to be relocated to a nursing home. Companion care can be a valuable service for your loved ones, and can give you peace of mind knowing someone is taking care of your family member.

Source by Jessica Pontel

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