CHICAGO 2020 – A Lesson for America Today

We show Chicago by Drone, By Helicopter, by Bike, By Kayak, and by The “L”, in this documentary of the Windy City. Stock Footage of this video of Chicago is available at

We tour Downtown Chicago from the air and ground showing Lakefront Trail, Lake Shore Drive, The Magnificient Mile on Michigan Ave, The Chicago River, as well as The Looop, Northside, and Southside. We also show Wrigley Field, Guaranteed Rate Field, & Soldier Field We look at the history of Chicago and how there might be a lesson for America Today. From Miss Oleary’s Cow to today, the history of Chicago has had both the good and the bad. Its been a city of corruption of great disasters, but also a city full of people who continue to overcome the challenges.

Within the skyline of Chicago, you can see its history through its architecture. We also look at the Exodus of Chicago, why people are leaving the City. While the High Taxes, Governement Corruption, Traffic, and Weather have caused many people to leave, The Spirit of Chicago is still strong.


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