Business Owners – Do You Have a Burning Desire to Succeed?

One of the characteristics of successful business owners (and successful people generally) is that they have a burning desire to succeed. They don’t think “that would be nice to have”, instead they say “I will have that!”, and then go all out to get it.

Here are some ways you can emulate them and ensure your own success:

Clearly Defined Outcome

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve makes it easier to find the steps needed to get there. I don’t mean just setting a monetary goal, although that’s a good starting point. Being able to define the whole outcome experience not only clarifies the end result, it will also give you more reasons to really want it.

Planning & Preparation

It’s no good jumping in to take action towards a goal unless you’ve planned out each step along the way. Thorough preparation may seem boring & unnecessary when you’re really excited about a new project but that’s better than overlooking something vital that may ruin all your efforts.

Determination to Succeed

‘Failure is not an option’ may sound corny, but having a positive mindset and finding your inner core of steely determination is better than going through the anguish of seeing projects and dreams crumble because you didn’t give them your absolute best shot when you had the chance.

Consistent Action

Small steps taken every day will soon mount up to significant results. The problem with big dreams and goals is that they can seem overwhelming because of their sheer size. Break down the plans you made into manageable steps and take the first one today, the next one tomorrow, and so on.

Support Team

While it is possible to succeed at many small projects unaided, you could end up significantly adding to the completion costs and overrunning deadlines when it comes to the ambitious goals. Find and hire the people who already know how to do what you want to do. Also surround yourself with people who ‘get’ what you want to achieve and who will cheer you on through the obstacles and provide a listening ear.

Risk Taking

Success isn’t guaranteed. If you want something badly enough, you’ll usually have to take some risks and do whatever it takes. The scariness can be offset by anticipating and preparing as far as possible ways to minimise the effects. But sometimes, you have to take the first step and risk falling flat on your face. Take it anyway.

So, what do you want and do you have that burning desire to get it?

Source by Louise Barnes-Johnston

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