Big Brother Canada 10 – Evening Feed Discussion – April 21 2022

What's happening on the feeds this evening? Any competitions or results to talk about? Who is in power and who is in danger?

Some Feed Discussion Rules/Guidelines

  • Have fun and respect each other! This is not the thread for personal attacks and insults. We're all here to chat about the houseguests and game
  • As this is Feed Discussion, please keep the conversation focused on the feeds. Limited general discussion is allowed but should not be the majority of you input!
  • Meta commentary about fan groups, other platforms and other generalizing comments are best saved for other outlets and may be removed (ex: 'Look what those twitter morons said now', 'Fans of zingbot just shouldn't post')
  • This is not a thread for soapboxing or grandstanding to /r/bigbrother as a whole. Please do not post general questions, requests for links/feeds etc here.
  • Before asking for an update, please read the thread for a few posts. Updates are frequently posted and you can get an idea of what is happening from the thread. Please at least try!

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