Best Length, Width, and Height For a Portable Massage Table


  • For taller clients and for using the face portal, choose a longer table. For shorter clients and lighter weight, you may be able to get by with a shorter length.
  • The best width depends on the size and comfort of both therapist and client. Typical width ranges from 27 to 32 inches.
  • The best height is adjustable, usually within a 10-inch range. Choose a height range based on your own height.

Massage Table Length

The industry standard for length is currently 73 inches. However, if you work with tall clients or clients of varying height and size, you may appreciate a massage table that is longer than the industry standard. With a massage table length of 77 inches, you will be able to accommodate almost any client.

If you use a face portal instead of a face cradle, you may need a longer table to comfortably accommodate your clients. Extended length is also helpful for sports massage, where many of your clients may be tall athletes.

If you are looking for a lightweight portable table for mobile massage, a shorter table can help cut back on overall weight. The face cradle adds up to 12 inches in length to your table, so if you always use the face cradle for your clients, you may not need any extra length.

Massage Table Width

The width you need depends on your size and body mechanics. The industry standard is about 30 inches wide, but the average width can range anywhere from 27 to 32 inches. Taller therapists sometimes prefer a wider width, while shorter therapists usually prefer a narrow or standard width. The more narrow the width, the easier it will be for the therapist to reach the client, but the table must be wide enough to fully support the client and provide the right amount of comfort.

If only a few of your clients require a wide width, consider adding side arm extenders to make your larger clients comfortable without sacrificing your back and legs. Don’t sacrifice your posture and ergonomics with a table that is too wide. You can only provide healing for your clients if you care for your own health and well-being first.

Massage Table Height

Most massage tables can adjust to a range of different heights. The range is typically includes a 10-inch span, such as 24 to 34 inches. Make sure the table you buy will adjust to the right height for your working comfort. Give yourself a little extra room for error, as well. For example, if you set your table height at 28 inches, choose a massage table that adjusts to as low as 26 or 27 inches.

Source by Jesse K. Taylor

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