Basement Waterproofing Tools

Basement waterproofing on houses can be done by applying wall sealer and constructing a French drain. Some tools are required for this kind of work.

Hand Tools and Masonry Tools

You will need a tape measure, gloves and utility knife, especially when applying the membrane.

Trowels and floats may be some of the masonry tools you need to finish concrete repairs. Filling the French drain and patching cracks using hydraulic cement will require masonry tools.

Digging Tools

Shovels and rakes will be particularly useful to remove dirt and soil as you dig the trench. The shovel will also be used in mixing the concrete in the wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow is also useful. This will come in handy to remove and clear the loosened gravel when putting in the waterproofing membrane and constructing the trench.

Sand Blaster

This will be used to remove the paint from basement walls. This gets the job done more satisfactorily than paint strippers. Once all the paint is completely removed then wall sealer is applied directly to basement walls.

Concrete Saw

This tool will be used when installing a French drain on the inside of the basement walls. The system is lined on the interior to address all leakage problems. The purpose of the concrete saw is to cut a line around 6 inches thick away from the wall. This is done on the perimeter of the basement walls. The size should be that which will fit jackhammer use. When removal of all the concrete is done a PVC pipe is set inside the drain. The entire system now begins with these pipes. Perforations that are to be found in this specially designed pipe let in groundwater that will be carried along the pipe to the sump pump and finally into the normal sewage or wastewater system. When the French drain is complete it should be covered with gravel. Replace the concrete on the floor to match the basement floor.


A jackhammer is used to break the concrete away from the cut trench in the floor. This is done in small bits.

Brushes and Rollers

These are used for applying basement-waterproofing materials. Basement waterproofing materials can also be sprayed onto the walls. The paintbrush and roller is useful when applying adhesive if one puts an exterior rubber membrane for waterproofing on the outside of the basement.


This is used to excavate the outside of the edges of the basement. A rubber membrane with liquid rubber will be applied to the exterior basement walls. This rubber membrane acts to keep all water and leaks away, for good.

Source by Aunindita Bhatia

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