Bald Babe Fetish? How to Find One For a Date!

You have a bald babe fetish. This is not uncommon. Thousands of people a month search Google for it, me included. What “is” uncommon – and this truly amazes me – is there not being a single decent dating service that will allow us to find our own bald beauty. I happen to love shaved head women, so I can tell you a nice system that will allow you to find one easily and sometimes without it costing any money (which is always a good thing).

I live in quite a large city. You would think that even a medium-sized dating site would have a fair few members in my vicinity. Think again! I actually joined a bald dating service two months ago. They charged me $29.95 for a membership (which would renew each month until canceled) and, on doing a search for women in a one-hundred mile radius of me, I was given two results – neither of which replied to my emails.

Feeling somewhat disheartened I tried an approach that I had often advised other people to use for similar fetishes like feet, pantyhose, shoes and so forth. To my credit, I just did not think this would work for bald babe fetish! Trust me, though, it does – like a charm.

I joined the biggest dating site I know by getting a free membership. Since I’m a women, they even gave me all the premium features for free. That made me happy! You can try this method with any big site though. Just choose one with a huge population. I made a profile and, in my description, wrote that I wanted to meet beautiful bald females. I then went to the people-finder page and selected that I wanted to meet women within five miles of my home. They have a keyword box so in that box I wrote words like bald and shaved head. When I hit return, I was given over eleven-hundred results; the first hundred or so were even online at the time.

You can do the same thing. It really is that easy. Join a popular dating service, get a free account if you can (I always try to save money), and when you search for local babes just type in your relevant keywords. This is a lot better than paying for an expensive bald dating site only to find you have two members living thirty miles from your door!

Source by Davina Anderson

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