Australia live news: Covid breach at Brisbane airport after traveller positive; Brittany Higgins to meet with PM | Australia news

Well, they could be offered vaccines. They could be offered some financial support for those who need it. We need to also have a plan to bring Australians home. They can’t just be left in a state whereby they’re unable to get home indefinitely.

Scott Morrison promised, remember, to have every Australian home by Christmas. We know that there’s more than 30,000 Australians who are stranded overseas. And depending upon where they are, there’s been different rules put in place.

But we know that if the government had have got the quarantine system right, if it had have expanded Howard Springs earlier, if it had have taken up offers that were on the table – such as Avalon and Toowoomba – if it had of used facilities like Exmouth or Rottnest Island that were put forward by Mark McGowan and the WA government, if it had got on the front foot on these issues, if it had have dealt with hotel ventilation systems appropriately, then we would have been better off.

What we’ve had from Scott Morrison even this week is still saying that he’s satisfied with the hotel system. Well, hotels – including ones very close to the building where this press conference is taking place, there’s two within a couple of hundred metres of here – hotels are built for tourists. They’re not built for medical quarantine. And it’s not surprising that there have been issues associated with it because they’re not built for purpose.

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