Australia Covid live news update: NSW records 98 cases; Victoria to remain in lockdown after 13 new cases; SA reports one case | Australia news

Well, there’s been a bit of frankly unhelpful and completely inaccurate reporting about this. We don’t have a public health act like they do in New South Wales

Here is a news flash – private aged care is the responsibility of the Commonwealth government; [they] fund, regulate it and licence it.

What I don’t do is dictate what public health will be, because if I were to do that, under the Public Health Act as it is written now, we may find ourselves in court. That would not be an appropriate process. So I wouldn’t read anything into that…

We know as a state what it’s like when this gets into aged care. It got into private aged care, we were able to avoid those tragedies in public sector age care, the beds we run, but we know, all of us, the tragedy and the great toll that this virus took on aged care residents…

We take those matters seriously and any suggestions to the contrary is wrong.

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