ASMR Testing My New EAR MIC! Ear oil massage, mouth sounds….

Thanks to 3DIO for sending this mic!!!!!
This ASMR video includes ear oil massage, mouth sounds, ear brushing, ear tapping, ear touching, closeup whispers, squishy virus lmao, feathers…Click the bell to have notifications, like & subscribe, it would make my DAY!

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Timestamps (Thank YOU CAKE BOW)

0:00 intro (close whispering, tapping on ears)
3:01 ear touching/massage, close whispering
3:44 ear brushing
6:55 mouth sounds, ear cupping
10:10 scratching on mic
11:26 ear cupping
12:45 ear tapping
14:00 feather on ears
16:33 virus toy
18:49 wet cottons
22:11 oil massage



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