Ancient Tantra Concept – Charmananda – The Eternal Orgasm

Tantra teaches us that desire is all-pervasive – that it exists in us at all times. While we indulge in or suppress it constantly, few of us understand it.

Gautama Buddha said that desire is suffering. A tantra master will extrapolate on this thought thus – to desire is to suffer, but only when you do not know how to desire. The monk may have sold his Ferrari, but how did he acquire it in the first place? The sequel – ‘I Bought The Monk’s Ferrari’ – tells us that to renounce something, you first have to possess it.

A tantra teacher believes in the goodness of desire and affirms its importance. In today’s world, where the social, economical and political milieu demands that we keep up with the Joneses or get morally battered by them, it is important to pursue our desires. However, we must do so intelligently, resourcefully and esoterically. An accomplished tantra master can show the right way to pursue your desires.

When you learn tantra, you learn to understand your desires rather than deny or suppress them. You must allow your desires to reach the very peak of their urgency before satiating them. Tantra propounds that desire in itself is not a sin. There is no such thing as shameful desire – however, the intention behind that desire may be sinful and shameful for mortal beings.

Tantra teaches us that everyone and everything exists in this world for a reason. To find our purpose is our life’s primary objective – the next is to fulfill it. Living without understanding our purpose is futile. Desires are integral to our being. To deny them is to deny a large part of our essential being.

Life is meant to be a celebration – and enjoyment of what Tantra calls ‘Charmananda’ (the eternal orgasm). Yes, this sounds extravagant and perhaps even impossible, but tantra brings it within reach. However, you can only attain Charmananada if you practice tantra diligently under the expert guidance of an accomplished tantra teacher.

Why do so few attain this heavenly state that ancient tantra can transport us to? The reason is sad, yet simple – most of those who begin to learn tantra fall by the wayside because they cannot reconcile their esoteric practices in their daily lives. However, relentless and expertly guided pursuit of tantra precepts and practices can help you incorporate your newfound knowledge into mainstream life, thereby transforming your life into a continuous explosion of Charmananda.

Desire is not evil. Everything in life is worth acquiring, provided that we understand the desired object’s rightful place in our life. Understanding the right way to cater to and fulfill our desires is vital. Ironically, though we have all the technological conveniences of modern life, we have lost the essence of life itself. Our ancestors had a firm grasp on this essence. When you practice tantra, it will help you rediscover your rightful love for life!

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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