An Honest 3rd Party USANA Review!

I want to first inform you that I’m not associated with USANA Health Science. The purpose of this USANA review is to share my thoughts and experiences that may help you when considering the USANA business opportunity.

While an associate of two failed MLM companies, (one in 1996 and the other in 2001) I want to spare you the shame and embarrassment not only from family and friends but also your self-esteem. Not to mention losing any investment you may have made in the process. From my experience there was a very important lesson learned.

The lesson learned is easily overlooked when someone is investigating MLM opportunities. We tend to focus on such things as “How much money can I make” and “How fast can I make it with the least amount of effort.” Other words we allow ourselves to be sucked into the hype of big money fast so all our money problems will be solved forever, while laying on the couch watching our favorite television program.

The lesson I’m referring to is more important than any products, marketing or compensation plan that any MLM company offers. One of the first steps while you are investigating an MLM opportunity is to make sure you do your homework and study their Leadership. Spend sometime on the Better Business bureau’s website, check for complaints & how the company settled disputes. You may also want to verify if any member has a record of criminal activity. With the open records law you check on the internet for services that will provide searches for the people in question. Some services require a small fee but what’s a few bucks when you are looking at investing hundreds if not thousands into an opportunity. You must approach this process with an open objective mind. If you just do searches on organizations through normal search engine sites you are guaranteed to find more negative information than positive. Especially when you are researching established MLM companies that have been in business for several years or decades.

Leadership that is solid will be visionary, passionate, and charitable, with a history of accomplishment & integrity. With that in mind I discovered the following information on USANA founder Dr. Myron Wentz.

Myron Wentz was born in 1940, the youngest of 3 boys to parents of German descent. He grew up in a modest loving environment in Napoleon North Dakota. At 17 his father died from heart disease and several years ago his mother died from cancer. After witnessing several family members die from both sides of his family of premature deaths, Dr. Wentz made it his life’s mission to conquer degenerative diseases. He has since become a recognized Microbiologist & Immunologist with degrees in the following:

· Bachelor’s degree in Biology (North Central College Naperville Illinois)

· Master’s degree in Microbiology (University of North Dakota)

· PHD Microbiology & Immunology (University of Utah)

In 1974 by himself Dr Myron Wentz launched Gull Laboratories and by 1977 the FDA approved several of his viral diagnostic essays which than were marketed to clinical laboratories and hospitals. In 1992 Dr Wentz sold his interest in Gull Industries and Founded what is know today as USANA Health Sciences. Since the Founding of USANA Dr Myron Wentz and the company have compiled an impressive list of accomplishments. A very short summary of some the accomplishments are as follows:

· From modest beginnings in 1992 surpass over $350 million in sales by 2006

· By 2006 paid out over $800 million in Associate commissions

· BY 2009 million dollar club grows to over 130 Associates

· Medical centers created in Uganda & Cambodia to help children orphaned by malaria and HIV

· Sanoviv Medical Institute created in Baja California

· Dr Myron Wentz is recognized through presidential appointment as advisor to the Small Business Administration

· 2007 Dr Myron Wentz is honored with the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in Life Science.

Anyone researching a USANA business opportunity can see from this USANA review that Dr Myron Wentz and USANA are a solid business choice. However there is one big problem. Most MLM programs teach their associates the old school way of recruiting people into their business. Make a list of everyone you know and go hunt them down. To learn how to attract people to your USANA business opportunity without making a list of family and friends click on the link below.

Source by Bob Drumheller

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