Advice For New Reiki Practitioners About Client Abreactions

As a new Reiki Practitioner, you may come across some challenges. They are of course, all part of the learning curve, as you learn how to flow with the energy and how to handle various situations. One request for advice that I often get from new practitioners going through their work experience is as follows.

The client receives the Reiki, and during the session feels some discomfort. The new Reiki Practitioner would have already explained to the client what to expect before the session started, preempting any fear of abreactions. Having said that, abreactions are uncommon, perhaps one in 10 Reiki sessions may include an abreaction. Sometimes the client, on their first Reiki session, despite having been given a thorough explanation of what may happen, still becomes afraid when they feel heat, cold, a wavelike feeling, an electrical kind of feeling, a vibration type of feeling, let alone an abreaction, such as tears, uncontrollable giggling, burps, yawns, sighs, or trembling. During the session they may or may not relay any fears to the practitioner, and with the more experienced practitioner, this can be more easily picked up. However, even in that case, even with the most experienced Reiki Master, on the very rare occasion, an abreaction is kept so quiet by the client that it is missed. The new Reiki Practitioner is often worried as to how to deal with a client situation where the client gets an abreaction after the session, especially if the client thinks that the Reiki caused the abreaction.

These are very common concerns from the dedicated new Reiki Practitioner. And what follows is the advice usually given. First of all, it is good practice to ask people to commit to 6 sessions. And this extends to booking the next session after the first immediately, when client is still with you. Secondly, Reiki goes to wherever it is most needed. So if the client was or still is having what is called a healing crisis, this is is a normal thing. I give the metaphor of a box full of bad energy of bad energy has been opened in the one session, but the client needs to go back for more sessions before the box is emptied. So some of the energy disruption went (as evidenced by the client abreacting during the session, for example, and therefore releasing), and it is normal for tears, laughter, physical pain, burps. yawning, tiredness. anger, sadness, fear, or any other feelings to come up for healing after the session. Of course the new practitioner would have ended the session on a calm note and the client would have left calm, but then a healing reaction may have started again afterwards. It is as if a gate has been opened, and all the stuff inside is starting to go. Of course, it is felt on its way out. So make it part of your practice to tell clients that they may get a healing crisis after a session, plus tell them to commit to 6 sessions if at all possible, and that they may need a regular top up afterwards. This can be once a week, once a fortnight, once a month, or whatever works for their time and budget. With experience, you will get to learn how much to emphasize the possibility of a healing reaction (often called a healing crisis), without scaring the client, of course. And you will learn how to tell them to simply observe it and let it happen. It is just an energy disruption on its way out of the body, that is all.

Remember healing is for the highest good, not necessarily for a relaxation or a specific outcome. Whatever is supposed to happen we simply trust will happen.

Enjoy your healing practice and this wonderful energy of Reiki.

Source by Suzanne Zacharia

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