About my post earlier : Superstonk

Hey everyone,

So first of all I want to apologize about my reaction earlier.

Writing dailies every day isn’t an easy thing, I usually get up at 6 am my time, research write etc, then post answer questions etc, then have dinner research more check facts and stay online till midnight trying to moderate the sub and help out wherever I can, and it seems I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in that regard as I’ve been doing that for months now.

Today I wrote something that I had on my mind for the past few days, as I knew it was an unpopular opinion but it needed to be said, even though I knew it had to be said I was expecting some backlash and has cost me more sleep then I wish to admit. but when everyone started to dogpile I lost it. I will need to grow some thicker skin in that regard.
I reacted badly, I forgot that we have people in here who are deliberately trying to do threadsplitting as we have learned before.

Now I have been lucky enough to have a great support team around me, my fellow mods, the guys on discord, the people who reached out, everyone.

I never told anyone what they need to do or how to do it, I never said you have to follow a certain exit strategy, this is all personal and you should look into what is best for you.

Again if you think that I am a shill, or bought off you have missed the point of the entire post, I try to help that’s what I’ve always tried, and I now know I can’t please everyone nor is that my goal.

I have thought about the dailies and being a moderator, I will continue to do both. not just because I feel I’d let people down but it also feels bad, like I’m backing down from a fight and that’s not me.

so if you guys can excuse me I’ll go eat my crayola sandwich and start helping again.

cya guys tomorrow

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