A Useful Method For Clarifying the Client’s “Future Direction” in Coaching

There often comes a point in the coaching process when the client needs to address his/her future direction. For some, this is easy; for others – not so.

One exercise that is very effective in helping clients to look at their future from different perspectives is called “the perspective exercise”. In it, the client is asked a simple question: “Where do I go next in my life?” After that, the client is allowed to come with as many possibilities as he/she wishes. Due to the fact that they are given a free choice and anything goes, they can truly explore their deepest wishes and desires.

The next step is the following. Each of the options are evaluated from a different perspective. The perspectives are being taken from the “wheel of life” exercise and represent various parts of life: physical environment, health, personal development, fun and recreation, career, family and friends, finances and significant other (client‘s spouse/partner).

This step is very important, because it provides the client with very valuable insights. Sometimes one option seems attractive, yet when being looked at from a different perspective, all of a sudden its appeal diminishes significantly. At the same time, some options might not seem too realistic, yet after the thorough examination they prove worth taking the risk.

After such a thorough examination of all the possibilities looked at from all the different perspectives, client usually gets a very clear picture and direction for the future.

This exercise is simple yet powerful, and I recommend it to all coaches who have not been using it yet.

Source by Natalie Ekberg

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