A ‘Dirty’ Seduction Technique That Increases Sexual Desire Of A Woman For You

This might sound counter-intuitive, but often comfort and sexual desire do not normally go hand-in-hand.

Being nice to a woman may make a woman feel comfortable with you, but this at the same time reduces the sexual attraction that she has for you.

Creating sexual desire requires ‘tension’ apart from comfort. The feeling of uneasiness which is caused by anxiety and ‘heartache’ which is then followed by release of the tension through comfort and pleasure is what creates sexual desire.

Most men don’t know this, but it is your ability to walk away from a woman which creates attraction to you, since this creates tension between you and your woman.

This will put your woman in the proverbial hot seat to pursue you instead for that sexual release. While you make her ‘fractionate’ between the two extreme states, her sexual desire will increase in the process.

Here are the steps that a pickup artist take to cause the target to create, increase and anchor her sexual desire on him.

First of all, the pickup artist would create moments of happiness in the target. He makes the target feels good through entertaining her, making her laugh, and perhaps demonstrate social proof and high value.

After this, the pickup artist would create tension by taking away the ‘good feeling’ from his target.

This is done by planting in the target feelings of ‘distress’ with your absence. By creating distance between you and your target, it will pump her attraction levels for you to extreme levels. This is where intense sexual desire is created.

The final step in the process is to release the ‘tension’ and let her fall into your arms. Creating this alternating state of joy and tension is the key to increase attraction and sexual desire for you.

The fractionation technique is deemed to be a ‘dark’ seduction technique because of the (possibly ill) effect that it causes on the target. Use it at your own (and your target’s) peril.

A more advanced example of this technique is the October Man Sequence. Here, other NLP concepts such as symbolism is combined with fractionation to result in a technique which is reputedly has been getting men from meeting the target to sex in 15 minutes.

For more examples of this technique and other seduction patterns, get the free access to The Seducer’s Vault (http://www.TheSeducersVault.com) where there are free ebooks, audio and video files on the subject of dating and seduction.

Source by Derek Rake

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