8 Interesting Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

It is a known fact that dogs have been our best companions for as much as 33,000 years. Numerous dog breeds have been out there with different sizes, shapes and unique characteristics. Yorkshire Terriers are a small, intelligent breed and they are loved by many from all around the world. Here are 8 facts about this breed that will surely blow your mind.

1. This breed is an effective exterminator

Yorkshire Terriers are famous companion dogs, but they were actually bred to be ratters in the 1850s. Although they are not used for killing pests anymore, ratting is still present in their nature.

2. Yorkshire Terriers descended from a champion dog

This breed descended from a few similar breeds, including Clydesdale terrier and black and tan terrier. But Huddesrfield Ben is known to be the father of this breed which was one of the top champion show dogs. Though it lived for only 6 years, it sired numerous Yorkies and won over 70 prizes.

3. It came with another name

This breed was known as Broken Haired Scotch Terrier during the 1970s, but its present name was chosen later to honor the birthplace of this breed.

4. Yorkie is one of the most popular dogs in the USA

Yorkshire terrier is the 6th most famous dog breed in the USA after Bulldogs, Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

5. Historically, a Yorkie was the world’s smallest dog

Presently the world’s smallest dog is a Chihuahua which is 4 inches tall. But this title was owned by a Yorkshire terrier named Sylvia for as much as 70 years. It was only 2.5 inches tall and weighed 4 ounces.

6. Yorkshire terrier is a toy dog

This breed actually belongs to a toy group instead of a terrier group due to its small size. A toy dog is a small dog or a grouping of small dog breeds where Chihuahua, Pug, Poodle and Pomerania belong as well.

7. They are bold

Yorkies may be tiny, but they are bold and brave. It seems like they have no idea how small they are when it comes to bravery; or else, they are confident enough to ignore their diminutive size. In 2016, a 6-pound Yorkshire Terrier chased away a large bear that was wondering around its home.

8. A Yorkie was a hero of the Second World War

During the Second World War, an American soldier found a Yorkie pup while fighting in the infamous Pacific theater. It was given the name Smokey and soon it became a war hero. It first acted as a therapy dog, visiting the wounded American soldiers. Later it was used for more tactical works where it connected the outpost communication lines in the Philippines.

Source by Imtiaz Ahasan

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