2 Tips to Delay Ejaculation – Are You a Sprinter or a Marathon Man?

How would you describe your performance in bed? When it comes to sexual performance, are you a sprinter and marathoner? Consider this fact about male sexual behavior – an average male will normally last for three minutes, at the most, when it involves straight penetration type of sexual encounter. Going by this information, one can logically assume that most men end up sprinting when they are in bed with their partners.

Is there a way by which men can go over the hump and become a marathoner in bed? The issue of premature ejaculation is a pervading problem that can’t be properly assessed for the simple reason that no guy in his right mind would admit to it. Perhaps the best way to handle the issue is to give a detailed run down of some of the more important things that you can do to delay ejaculation. Delaying ejaculation does mean that your own orgasm will suffer. You are just moving the level of the sexual encounter on a higher plane so that the intensity of your orgasm reaches “explosive” proportions.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

This might appear to be a given, but then again your breathing pattern might have some effect on the performance of your partner in bed. While we may not be faulted if we get overly excited while having sex, it is still important for us to remain in complete control of our breathing pattern. You have to understand that you won’t feel the full of sensation of the sexual encounter if you hold your breath.

In the same manner, breathing rapidly as if you are panting like an anxious dog might appear annoying to your partner. The key rule when it comes to breathing is to stay on the middle ground. Don’t underdo nor overdo it. You can be scoring BIG points if, instead, you add some audio to your breathing; these will definitely make her HOT.

Use your Muscles

There are guys who are not aware of the importance of their PC muscles in sexual performance. In fact, most guys can’t accurately pinpoint the location of pubococcygeus muscles. These are the muscles that are located around the anus, penis and testicles. The alternating contraction and release of these muscles will give you a rock-hard erection and a marathon sexual run. In order to perfect the technique, all you have to do is to practice the “maneuver,” and you can do this anywhere.

Source by Michael Harradine

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