10 Ways to Master the New Safari on Your iPhone

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On your iPhone, Safari moves the entire browsing interface to the bottom of the screen. This might seem jarring at first, but we suggest you take some time to get used to it. Once you do, you can use the new gestures to fly through your browsing. Here are some of the gestures you should try out.

Swipe left/right on the address bar: Move between the previous or the next tab. Swipe left to open a new tab quickly.

Swipe up from the address bar: Quickly enter the tab switcher.

Swipe left to close tabs: In the tab switcher, you can swipe left on a tab preview to close the tab.

Pull to refresh: While the refresh button is right there in the address bar, Safari now also supports the classic pull to refresh gesture. When you’re at the top of a page, just pull down to refresh.

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